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Ceramic balls

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The introducation of ceramic bearing
 The ceramic bearing has anti-hig htemperature, anti-coldness, anti-corrosion, anti-magnetoelectricity and insulation, non oil self-lubrication, high speed. It can be used in awful environment and specially condition. It' s commonly used in aviation, spaceflight, navigation, petroleum, chemical, auto-car,electronic apparatus, metallury, electric-power, textile, pump, medical-appliance, scientific research, national defence these areas. It's a high-tech product using new material.
 The ceramic bearings, ring and roller which produced by our plant are all taken full-ceramic material. There are ZrO2,Si3N4 and Sic. The cage made by telfon, nelon 66, polyimides, ZrO2, Si3N4, Stainless Steel or special aviation aluminium, so it expands ceramic bearing' s apply area. Such as: high-speed bearing, anti-high temperature bearing, anti-corrosion bearing, anti-magnetic bearing and anti-magnetoelectricity bearing.
1. high-speed bearing: it has anti-coldness, under-stress elastic small, anti press big, bad heat conducation character, deadweight light, friction factor small and other strong points. It can be used in 12000RPM ~~ 75000RPM high speed bearings and other high precision equipements.

2. anti-high temperature bearing: the material itself has the ablity of anti high temperature, can be up to 1200°C , and also has good self-lubrication character. Use in the temperature of 100°C ~~ 800 °C it won' t swell because of the difference in temperature. It can be widely used in

3. anti-corrosion bearing: the material itself has the character of anti-corrosion. It can be used in strong acid, strong alkali, inorganic salt and organic salt and sea-water areas. Such as: plated equipment, electronic apparatus, chemical industry, shipbuilding and medical appliance.

4.anti-megnism: because non-magnism don't absorb in dusty, it can be reduced bearings flake away in advance or loud noisy and so on. It can be used in demagnetized appliance, precise instrument and so on.

5. electric insulation bearing: because of its high resistance, it can help electric arc don' t demage the bearing. It can be used in any kinds of electric equipment which require insulation.

6.vacuum bearing: because ceramic has the non oil self-lubrication, this unique character. In the super vacuum space, it can get over the normal bearing can't realize lubrication this difficult question.

Note: The above bearings which we can supply, each bearing can be uesd in high temperature, high speed, acid alkali, magnism, non-insulation states, but cause different meterial has different character(please The performance sheet in thulium and ceramic material ). So when you choose product please kindly let us know your using place, we'll choose the best suitable ceramic bearing.

bearing items
1.deep groove ball bearing(technical class:P4,P5,P6,P0)
    deep groove ball bearing, the most reprensentative roller bearing, has wide usage, can stand radial load and both way axial load. It suits for high speed rotation and require low noisy, low libration place or some areas which the normal steel bearings can't stand, such as high temperature, high coldness, corrosion, magnism and non-insulation areas.

2.spherical bearing
    spherical bearing's race of the outring is spherical surface,auto regulation of mental activities, it can add the non-coaxiality and axial deflecion.It can be.

3.single row angular contact ball bearing(technical class:P4,P5,P6,P0)
    angular contact ball bearing suits for high speed, high precise rotation. In high temperature, magnism, and water don't affect its precise,and can stands compound load.The standard contact angular are 15°,30°,40°.The contact angular is bigger,the axial load ablity is strongger.The contact angular is smaller,bearing can stand radial load and one-way axial load.Generally it takes gemination install.Please take a note when you purchase. thrust ball bearing
    one-way thrust ball bearing,it compounds of with ball roller race's washer ring and cage with ball.It can stands axial load,but can't stand radial load.
the character of ceramic bearing material
1.please check Bearing material capacity forum
2.compared with chrome steel, its deadweight is chrome steel's 30%~~40%.It can reduce dynamic load's increasing and sliding cause by centrifugal force.Because its high anti-frication, speed is chrome steel's 1.3~1.5 times,it can reduce the race surface damage caused by high speed rotation. The elastic measurement is chrome steel's 1.5times. Under stress elastic is small, it can reduce the distortion caused by high load.Its hardness is chrome steel's 1 time, can reduce the frication.And its anti-stress character is chrome steel's 5~7times. Thermal expansion coefficient is 20% less than chrome steel. The frication coefficient is 30%less than chrome steel, it can reduce the quantity of heat caused by frication and also can reduce bearing flake away or useless in advance caused by high temperature.Anti-pull,anti-bund,the same as metal.
ceramic bearing's install

Our company's ceramic bearing's inner race & outer race and other dimensions are all the state steel bearing P4,P5,P6's standards.Because ceramic meterial thermal expansion modulus is low, character of transfer heat is small and elastic measurement is small, please pay a great attention on the installment.And welcom consult us when you purchase, we'll choose the best product to work in with tolerance.

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