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Ceramic balls

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Auto alternator bearings

Car dynamo bearings is usually exposed in a very rough environment, where is full of wet mud and dust form out side or caused by the wearing of electic brush. So the bearings is requested very strict sealing capacity. During the running of the generator totor driven by V- strap wheel, bearings should endure a heavy load. With the improving of the car's performances, the higher capacity of car engine and dynamo is demanded. The limiting speet of generator totor is more than 20,000rpm now. Bearings must be capable for the high speed. Car dynamo requests low friction moment and bearings should meet the requirement of the low starting and runing moment. Long life, high reliability and so on are also important.

   According to the conditions shown above, we have developed our top grade car dynamo bearings:

1.The material of inner and outer ring and balls has very high pure degree. After the special treatment, the material has very good structure,high precision of space tolerance and excllent appearance.

2、The material of cages have enough strength
3、The sealed structure and seals have high capacity of seal and anti-wear and anti-high temperature. Good stability of inert appetency for oil and grease also is one of its feature.

4、Lubricating grease has excellent capacity of antiwear, stability of high and low temperature and resisting leak.
Auto alternator bearings

bearing for alternator

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